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Modern advances in dentistry have yielded new approaches to old problems. Increasingly, metal-free dentistry options are producing healthier, more aesthetically pleasing results. As the premier Mansfield Metal Free Dentistry practice, we use cutting-edge technology to preserve your smile.

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The Problem with Metal

For generations, metal fillings and crowns were the only options when dealing with common dental issues. Current research has shown that these treatments are not only unsightly but can be potentially damaging to your teeth.

Using metal fillings can cause discoloration, and the process requires the removal of a significant amount of dental material. This metal may react poorly to temperature changes, causing additional cracking and wear. These spaces can shelter bacteria leading to decay.

“My family and I love the special care that is given when we visit Mansfield Dental. We appreciate the professionalism and the thoughtfulness. They value our time. They prove that service is their top priority.”— La Toya Hayes

Dentistry without Metal

At Mansfield Dental Center, we believe in providing our patients with the most advanced treatments available. We increasingly use composite fillings - a blend of glass and plastic. No harmful metal additives like Mercury.

These composite fillings also contain an adhesive, making the process faster and easier for our patients. Less dental material is removed, preserving more of your tooth. The composite dries to a pleasing color that matches your teeth. Incredibly strong and durable, the composite filling will last many years with proper oral hygiene.

For more significant repairs, consider Zirconia crowns. We use zirconium to craft replacement materials. This incredible biocompatible material is safer and stronger than traditional porcelain crowns. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant to chips and wear.

Call our office today to learn more about the metal-free dentistry options available to Mansfield dental patients. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the options available, and help you decide of metal-free fillings are right for you.

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