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Nothing affects our smile like worn, broken, or missing teeth. In the wrong location, tooth damage can make eating, drinking, or even speech difficult. Removable dentures can help, but they present problems of their own. Thankfully, there is a solution. A dental crown or bridge from Mansfield Dental Center can correct the problem and restore your confident grin permanently.

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Are you suffering from worn or cracked teeth? Then a dental crown from Mansfield Dental Center could be the solution you need to restore your confidence.

A crown is a custom-designed cap that fits perfectly over a broken or worn tooth. A dental crown is not a removable denture, but rather a permanent tooth renovation. Best of all once placed a crown requires no routine maintenance beyond healthy habits.

A crown can be crafted from a wide range of materials, but at Mansfield Dental Center we recommend porcelain for its beautiful ability to blend into your smile. Your dentist will discuss all the available types and help you make the best choice for a healthy, happy choice.

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Nothing can cause more smile anxiety then missing one or more teeth from the dental arch. Thankfully, a bridge from Mansfield Dental Center can help repair the damage and return your former smile.

Creating the bridge is determined by the number of missing teeth, the location in the dental arch, the size and length of the roots that abutments (tooth root replacements) will be placed in, and the amount of bone support each anchor has available.

Because of how complicated such a process can be, designing and creating the bridge requires a great understanding of how to replace teeth, as well as the way surrounding gum and bone tissue, would behave with a bridge nearby—the kind of knowledge you’ll find the dental care providers at Mansfield Dental Center have.

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